Frequently Asked Questions - more4u

It’s the Discount Scheme for the Hellenic Bank cards. All Hellenic Bank cards (Credit, Debit and Prepaid) participate in the Scheme.
By participating in the Scheme, Hellenic Bank card holders are entitled to specific and direct discounts at enterprises (products & services) that participate in the Scheme when they are using their cards for payment.
The categories include:
  • Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
  • Hotels, Restaurants, and Travel Agents
  • Services
  • Home Equipment
  • Various Others
The discount percentages will vary according to the categories / merchants and can be up to 50%.
All existing cards (Credit, Debit and Prepaid) of Hellenic Bank can participate in the Scheme. There is no need to issue new cards.
There are no additional subscriptions or fees. The Scheme is offered as an additional benefit to the card holders.

Yes, they can under the following requirements: The card holders can use the “points4U” vouchers to pay for a product / service. If the “points4U” voucher face value covers the whole amount of the product / service to be paid, no discount will be made under the “more4U” scheme. If the “points4U” voucher face value covers only a part of the amount of the product / service to be paid, the card holders will get a discount on the remaining value.

Example: A card holder books a stay in a Hotel which participates in both Schemes (points4U & more4u). The stay costs €400 and the card holder presents “points4U” vouchers with a face value of €100. This customer will be entitled a discount under the “more4u” Scheme for the remaining €300 of the bill.

Note: The Hotels participating in the Scheme offer bed & breakfast and the discounts stated are valid for the stay only (no extra services / products offered by the Hotel will be eligible for the discount under the Scheme)
Informative material will be issued about the enterprises participating in the Scheme as well as the discounts offered. The new list of participants to the scheme will be posted on this website.