Terms & Conditions - points4U


All holders of personal and business credit cards of the Hellenic Bank Visa/Mastercard are eligible to participate in the Scheme. Prepaid cards (Pcards) and debit cards including electron cards are excluded. A condition for eligibility of cardholders to participate in the Scheme is that they must strictly comply with the terms and conditions for the use of the above-mentioned cards, the approved credit limits, settlement on a timely basis of all their liabilities, repayment schedules etc.


Credit of points

You are awarded points which are credited to your card. Each EURO amounts to one point i.e. €1=1 point. The monthly statement of the holder’s account will show the points credited to each of his cards.

For payments to Governmental Services, Municipalities and Utility Services you get back 10%of every transaction as points (limit of 9.000 points per transaction).



  • Cash withdrawal
  • Returns
  • Interest
  • Annual fees
  • SEPA Direct Debits
  • Other charges which do not originate directly from the use of the cards.

Points gained from supplementary cards will also be taken into account and will be added to the points of the main cardholder.

The transfer or exchange of points from one cardholder to another cardholder is not permitted.

If you are a holder of more than one of the Hellenic Bank cards, as a main cardholder, your points will be combined.


Points redemption

Once the required number of points is credited to your card you can visit any Hellenic Bank branch to complete the Points Redemption Application Form or you can do it through Net Banking Services. When the application is received by the Bank and as long as all the terms and conditions of the scheme are satisfied the gift voucher will be given to you at the branch.

To obtain your gift, you must present the gift voucher to the appropriate supplier/business.

The gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

The gift vouchers will not be nominal thus you will have to treat the voucher as cash. In case of loss, the voucher will not be re-issued or refunded.

You may redeem the vouchers from any supplier(s)/business(es) participating in the Scheme until the new Catalogue is issued except for items that are on special offer.


For hotels and airline/travel agents it is essential that you prebook. Whilst making the booking, please ensure to specify that payment will be made via gift voucher through Hellenic Bank’s Point Scheme Catalogue. All bookings are subject to availability.

Airport and port taxes are not included.


The gift voucher cannot be redeemed with money.

The owner of a gift voucher can purchase goods of greater or lesser value than the nominal value of the gift voucher.

If the cost of the purchase is greater than the nominal value of the gift voucher then the owner must pay for the difference.

If the cost of the purchase is less than the nominal value of the gift voucher then the supplier/business will not pay the difference to the cardholder.

You may redeem the points with gifts of your choice in accordance with the Catalogue you are holding whenever you wish.

Every time you redeem points and obtain a gift voucher, the respective points are deducted from your total number of points. You are entitled to continue to win new points and obtain new gifts.


Expiry of accumulation/ validity of points

The accumulation and validity of points for the Point Scheme expires on 31.12.2016.

The bank has the right (but not the obligation) at its absolute discretion to transfer the points accumulated and not redeemed until 31.12.2016 to the next Points Scheme. In that case the points may be redeemed in accordance with the new Scheme.


Cancellation/Non redemption of points

All points which have not been redeemed after the termination of the account of the card will be cancelled unless the cardholder holds any other Hellenic Bank card.

The cardholder may not redeem any points in case and while the account of his card is in arrears and/or he is in breach of any of the terms and conditions of use of his card(s).

In this case he may only redeem his points if he has previously paid/settled the arrears and/or remedied the breach.


Special rules

The Hellenic Bank is not liable for any damaged or defective goods or the offer of inadequate or bad services by any supplier/business participating in the Scheme.

Any differences that may arise between the supplier/business and the cardholder in connection with any goods/services provided under the Scheme will in no way concern/affect Hellenic Bank.

Hellenic Bank has no responsibility if any supplier/business participating in the Scheme refuses to accept any gift voucher or if at any time decides to discontinue the acceptance of gift vouchers.

Hellenic Bank reserves the right to amend part of/or the whole Scheme without prior notification.

In the case where the Scheme is cancelled, cardholders who earned sufficient points will have the opportunity to redeem them for a gift voucher.


For further information please contact Service Line on 8000 9999 or Hellenic Bank’s website www.hellenicbank.com or any Hellenic Bank branch